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Evolution Aqua Filter System

The Standard Nexus

The Nexus is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system delivering superb water quality and clarity for ponds from 1,170 to 8,775 gallons.
Nexus ­ How it works:
The standard system consists of a primary settlement vortex which then up flows through an efficient filter block before entering the biological stage, which consists of the Kaldnes Moving Bed™ Process. Kaldnes has been proven to be many times more efficient than static media. It is by using this process that we have been able to achieve a smaller footprint. For the user who wants the ultimate performance, the unit can be upgraded at any time to include the revolutionary Answer mechanical filter. As Peter Waddington, author of Koi Kichi said, "Quite simply the most amazing pond invention I've seen in my life. It will revolutionize fish keeping as we know it."
Kaldnes 'Moving Bed™ Process', exclusive to Evolution Aqua is included within the Nexus. This uniquely designed media provides amazing water quality and clarity, especially when it has reached full maturity. Kaldnes bio-media is maintenance free allowing the biomass to fully mature, which maximizes its effectiveness and creates constant parameters.


Shown with included screen


Shown without screen for illustrative purposes

The Filtration Process
The 'Answer' is designed to fit to exit pipe work within the primary settlement stage or prime mechanical filtration chambers, whether pump or gravity fed, from the pond. The water entering 'The Answer' generally comes from the bottom of the pond and contains dust, leaves and fish feces, among other solids. At this stage, it is important to stop all 'mechanical' solids from entering the biological stage, the more mechanically clean the water, the more effectively the biological stage will work ­ hence the development of 'The Answer'.

All water that passes through 'The Answer' is finely filtered. The pump that provides the power and cleaning action draws filtered water from inside of 'The Answer'; it is then pumped into a hollow rotor arm. At each end of the arm are nozzles angled at 45 degrees. Water is pumped through these nozzles and in doing so causes the arm to rotate. Water is forced out at high pressure against the inside of the screen continuously. This causes water to backwash through the screen to the outside. The result is that particles lodged on the outside, which are naturally trying to get through, are forced away and eventually settle at the bottom of the container. Once here, there is no way back and they can be sumped to waste. Therefore, 'The Answer' will run continuously without blocking, protecting the bio-stage and giving excellent clarity.


EA001 Evolution Aqua Standard Nexus with Alita Air Pump: With Matala media. Gross physical dimensions: 56.45" front to back x 52.08" wide x 39.67" high; outside diameter of unit: 44.52' . 100 liters of Kaldnes media. All valves and cover included. Alita Air Pump: 15 l.p.h. (liters per hour) Ships motorfreight.
EA002 Evolution Aqua Nexus with the 'Answer' and Alita Air Pump: This model uses The 'Answer' model 410 in place of Matala media. 100 micron screen on 'Answer'. Maximum flow rate 2863 GPH. Alita Air Pump: 15 l.p.h. (liters per hour) Ships motorfreight.

Evolution Aqua Nexus 200:
32" high; greatest length 48"; greatest width 46"; filter diameter 36". Ships motorfreight.

Call for special price on Alita Air Pump: 15 l.p.h. (liters per hour)

EA010 Evolution Aqua Answer: Model 410, 100 micron screen. Maximum flow rate 2863 GPH. Ships UPS.


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