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Neoprene Black Rubber Paint:

  We get inquiries from time to time regarding alternative colors to paint concrete pond surfaces.

Although it might be tempting, it is to your minimum maintenance advantage to paint the surface a very dark color. Black is the color of choice because it absorbs light rather than reflecting it.

Black colored pond surfaces will allow for the right ecological conditions to exist, especially during the critical first few months after completion of the pond.

Reflecting light surfaces creates greater algae growth of unwanted species and typically does not allow for the slow growing, dark forest green beneficial surface dwelling algae.

"Blue" and "clear" colors are to be avoided.

We recommend Neoprene Black Rubber Paint on the surface of the pond which is below surface water level of the pond and White Mountain Clear Lacquer on the mortar joints, typically in the waterfall.

Using the clear sealer on the mortared surfaces of the waterfall will both help to reduce the leaching of akali from the concrete and create a surface which is inhospitable to string algae. Good, clean, tidy mortar work will also go a long way to providing a minimum maintenance pond system. Mortar Techniques