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Ultraviolet Filter Unit Replacement Parts

Complete Aqua Ultraviolet "Classic" Units
Complete Aqua Ultraviolet "Twist" Units

Aqua Ultraviolet "Advantage" Series Parts

Other Brand Replacement Lamps

How to replace your quartz sleeve

Installation Video for UV bulbs and Quartz Sleeve


Aqua Ultraviolet
"Classic", "Twist", and "Wiper" Series Models Parts:

Quartz Sleeves with Rubber Seal (grommet)


  8 watt


 A10015 15 watt 46.14  [Buy]
 A10025 25 watt 49.03 [Buy]
 A10040 40 watt 56.24 [Buy]

      57 watt





A40002 Lamp end connector 4.47  [Buy]
A40004 Rubber seal for quartz sleeve, purple 3.61  [Buy]
A40021 Wiper Nut w/ Seal 25.20 [Buy]
A40017 Classic Wiper Blade w/ Plastic C Clips 12.04 [Buy]

 Lamps (Bulbs) for Aqua Ultraviolet

 A20008   8 watt 47.57  [Buy]
 A20015  15 watt 49.01  [Buy]
 A20025 25 watt 50.46 [Buy]
 A20040 40 watt 57.67 [Buy]

57 watt


UV 100 w single lamp
UV 200 w single lamp
A20404 Viper 400W Replacement Lamp Kit 2" 401.80 [Buy]
A20406 Viper 400W Replacement Lamp Kit for 3" 401.80 [Buy]

 Transformer (Ballast) for Aqua Ultraviolet




40 watt, 57 watt shown here

In-line transformer, 8 watt
68.77 [Buy]
In-line transformer, 15 watt
71.65 [Buy]
In-line transformer, 25 watt
74.54 [Buy]

In-line transformer, 40 watt
103.38  [Buy]

In-line transformer, 57 watt


 UV transformer with NEMA box
NEMA transformer includes NEMA box

UV transformer RAW within a NEMA box.
RAW transformer is sold without NEMA box
40 watt (RAW)
70.00 [Buy]

80 watt (RAW)
84.42 [Buy]

80 watt (NEMA)



A40185   Union half, 2", without thread, with O-ring, black, slip socket

Union half for AquaUltraviolet UV filters with 2" ports. Purchase this union half if you need to re-plumb your existing UV filter. This union half of the union allows for 2" PVC or ABS to be glued into the socket side of the union half. Use your existing coarse female threaded union lock ring when reassembling.
5.50 [Buy]

  A40007   Black Winter Cap  
 This black cap allows for the continuous passage of water through a unit when the quartz sleeve and bulb has been removed, i.e. winterization of the unit or a broken quartz sleeve.
15.79  [Buy]
A40068     Black EZ Twist Cap
This cap allows the pond keeper to remove the lamp and quartz sleeve from the UV body without breaking the seal of the quartz sleeve. This makes for easier handling of the lamp and quartz sleeve during servicing. Important: these components are easy to break while servicing. Take care when removing from the UV body. Be sure to turn your pump off and close any valves to and from the unit before servicing. See Support Video for this service.
15.79 [Buy]
  A40014 O-Ring for EZ Twist Cap 4.47 [Buy]

 A40011   Quartz Cap, Clear blue. Allows for easy lamp burning recognition 7.85  [Buy]
A40113  Black Transformer Cap 8.29 [Buy]
A40088    Hubbell Connector 6.20 [Buy]

A40065    80w Wire Harness for 2 lamps

A40066    120w Wire Harness for 3 lamps





Aqua Ultraviolet "Advantage" Series Parts

A10003 Advantage 2000 Quartz Sleeve (8 watt) 38.93 [Buy]
A10004 Advantage 2000+ Quartz Sleeve (15 watt) 38.93 [Buy]
A20006 Advantage 2000 Lamp (8 watt) 40.36 [Buy]

Advantage 2000+ Lamp (15 watt)

41.80 [Buy]
A30013 Advantage 2000 Transformer (8 watt) 63.00 [Buy]
A30017 Advantage 2000+ Transformer (15 watt) 65.88 [Buy]

Aqua Ultraviolet "Frog and Fish Statuary" Series

A10021 Quartz Sleeve Frog / Fish all wattage sizes, 19" length 49.03 [Buy]
A20008 Lamp for 8 watt Both Fish and Frog, 11 1/2" length 47.57 [Buy]
A20015 Lamp for 15 watt Both Fish and Frog, 11 1/2" length 49.01 [Buy]
A20025 Lamp for 25 watt Both Fish and Frog, 17 3/8" length 50.46 [Buy]

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